(Country: Afghanistan, Language:Azeri| Subtitles: English. Year: 2016. Genre: Fiction. Length: 08:13 min)

Director: Sadam Wahidi

In the Kunar province of Afghanistan, an American military vehicle has been attacked and bombed by the Taliban; one soldier survives the war. An 11 year old Afghan boy appears and gives him water. Meanwhile, a dusty sniper lens finds them and thinks the soldier’s in danger.

About the Director:
Sadam Wahidi was born in 1991 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Graduated from Isteqlal High School, then earned his undergraduate degree from Kabul University. When Wahidi was 9 years old, He started working at BBC Radio AEP (Afghan Educational Programs) as an Actor and announcer in children’s programs. Sadam Wahidi directed his first experimental film “36 minutes” when he was 15 years old.

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