(Country: France, Year: 2016, Running time (24min…), Fiction, Language: French, English, Spanish)

Director: Louise Heem

Sarah, French-speaker, lives in a city where the majority of the inhabitants are Spanish-speakers. Due to ethnic riots, the government has decided to divide the city into three zones and to limit them by a wall. Married with a Spanish-speaker, Sarah lives in Zone A and is thus separated from her brother who lives in zone C.

Director’s Biography: Louise Heem
Louise Heem is a Flemish French actress and director. She started her career in theatre in 2007 and joined cinema in 2011. As an actress, she has taken part in international productions -amongst them: Love, theft and other entanglements (Muayad Alayan), Eyes of a thief (Najwa Najjar), Nous irons vivre ailleurs (Nicolas Karolszyk) and Another day (Hassan Fathi).

She has worked as a language teacher, a protection officer in charge of asylum requests and an interpreter. El día de la virgen, -her first short movie as a director and scriptwriter- was screened in many international festivals and awarded the Best political movie in Jaipur International Film Festival, India, 2017.

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