(Documentary. Country: Norway. Duration: 55min. Year: 2015. Language: Arabic/English. Subtitle: English)

Director: George Kurian

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to spill onto European shores, one boatful of desperate souls at a time. The Crossing takes us directly into the discussions, risk calculations and blind optimism of a group of Syrians as they plan their escape. Middle class, educated and full of life, these old friends weigh up smugglers and police raids as they pack their kids and few belongings to enter the cold, dark waters of the unknown. Hidden cameras and desperate cell phone calls reveal their dangerous journeys across two continents and five countries. What no one anticipated, however, was the even more arduous path that awaited them in the EU. Through the endless bureaucracy of shelters and applications, they navigate countless hurdles, trying to rekindle their friendships, their community and, most fleetingly, their hope. The refugee experience comes alive in this vivid chronicle of a humanitarian crisis.

About the Director:
George Kurian is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist currently based in Istanbul. He has lived and worked in Afghanistan and Egypt and he has worked in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and South Asia. He has worked on a range of documentaries from current affairs and history to human interest and wild life.

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