Open Bethlehem follows Palestinian director Leila Sansour’s extraordinary journey to the legendary city of Bethlehem, the place where she grew up. Armed with a camera and a family car that keeps breaking down, she sets out to create an intimate chronicle of a historical town in peril. Ten years on, with 700 hours of footage, the result is nothing like she had expected. This film is an emotional journey of one woman in a struggle to save her hometown. It takes viewers deep into the world of Bethlehem and paints a portrait of the city as it has never been seen before.

About the Director:
Leila Sansour is an acclaimed filmmaker with an unconventional portfolio. She is the founder and CEO of Open Bethlehem, and is a well-known speaker on Middle Eastern issues.

Language: English, French| Subtitles: Arabic| Director: Leila Sansour| Country: Palestine, UAE,UK, USA|Cinematography: Tone Andersen, Will Lorimer, Katie Barlow|Year:2015|Genre: Documentary| Length: 90 min.

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