(Country: Syria, Sweden. Year: 2017. Genre: Documentary. Length: 24 min.)

Director: Ali Alibrahimi

After five months of the suffocating siege and daily bombings of the city of Aleppo a group of children take it upon themselves to start painting colors in their city as a game in order to forget their daily struggles and to sow some optimism among the hundreds of thousands of people trapped in the city.

This film documents such episodes and other stories of civilians inside the besieged neighborhoods of Aleppo. More than 280,000 civilians languishing under siege imposed by the Syrian regime forces and Russia, cutting off the supplies of food and medicine though the daily bombardments..

One day in Aleppo is a film about a devastated city with no food, no fuel, no water, no place to bury ones dead, and nowhere to treat the wounded and where hospitals no longer function.Thousands under siege expressing their hope though daily endeavous such as a small groups of kids with their colors

About the Director:
Ali AlIbrahim is a Syrian journalist. He holds a degree in Media and Communication from Damascus University. He worked as a correspondent for several Syrian newspapers, and as a reporter for pan Arab newspapers, including Al-Hayat, Al-Mouden, Aaraby Aljadeed and Elaph.

He worked with ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) to produce televised investigative reports which were broadcasted on Al-Araby TV and ARIJ Network.

He also produced several investigative reports and film
Ali also worked as a reporter for Sky News Arabia inside Syria and reported on the conflict and war there.

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