It’s calm and peaceful above the clouds. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night, it draws closer.

About the Director:
Florian Grolig ,born in 1980 in Frankfurt, Germany, is an independent animation filmmaker and game designer. He graduated from the School of Arts and Design in Kassel. He directed some award winning short films and computer games as well as commissioned animation and co-founded the Black Pants Game Studio. He is currently living and working in Berlin.

Language: none | Subtitles: none | Director: Florian Glorig | Country: Germany | Producer: Florian Glorig | Year: 2016 | Animator: Julian Vavrovsky | Editor: Florian Grolig | Sound: Tobias Boehm & Christian Wittmoser. | Music: Thomas Hohl| Genre: Animation | Length: 07 min.

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