Synopsis: At Home with the Horses
Upon failing the Lebanese school system, Reem, the oldest daughter of a recent Syrian refugee family, struggles to find her place in the family. Like many other teenaged Syrian children Reem struggled to learn the two new languages of English and French that are mandatorily taught in Lebanese schools from KG. If back in Syria, Reem would have been moving on to the 8th grade; but since she is in Lebanon, she can not even complete 4th grade. Though Reem’s parents are concerned for her, they are urging Reem to take on more of the house and child care responsibilities and hoping to find her a vocation like sewing that she can take up from her aunt. Her younger sisters Hamida, Ruu’a and Rukkiya will most probably make it because they are younger and have a chance to learn the languages from a young age. Reem’s 1-year- old brother Mohamad is the only boy and his presence is bittersweet, as her family have just experienced the loss of their first boy at the young age of 2 years old.

Reem is a survivor. She has adapted to her new life, making a home inside the horse stables of her father’s employer and land owner Mr. Ali Sabri Bek Hamadeh in Hizzine, the Bekaa Valley.

For comfort Reem reverts to long moments in solitude in the beauty of the Bekaa valley and takes solace in the power and spirit of the horses she lives with, feeds and loves.

About the Director:
Eric Sanderson is a filmmaker and videographer based in Vancouver, BC. Graduating from SFU with a BFA in film production in 2009, he has produced small films, documentaries, and corporate videos for a variety of clients with an emphasis on nonprofit work, media activism, and exploring new ways to tell visual stories.

Dima Alansari is a filmmaker/communicator/ and performer. Dima was born in Beirut and has recently moved back after a long time abroad in order to act & teach. She is a Chevening Scholar with a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University in TV, Film and Theatre and she holds a masters degree in Film from Goldsmith College- University of London.

Dima & Eric have been working together for over 5 years in Vancouver Canada through Salish Sea Productions a non profit that Dima co- founded in 2013. They have produced, directed, shot and edited over 15 videos with various communities and organizations. Eric came to Lebanon especially to make At Home with the Horses with Dima.

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