Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival contributes among other well-established and renowned festivals in the world, to spreading a Human Rights Cinema that denounces racism, hatred discourse, discrimination and injustice. Aiming to mobilize solidarity and support with the minorities, the festival screens a selection of films from around the world, and holds open discussions to shed light on human rights violations worldwide and the prospects of social change and progress.

The festival selects films that engage and inform people about human rights issues related to immigration, asylum, censorship and repression, eviction, child abuse and exploitation, death penalties, poverty, social exclusion, war and conflicts, workers and unemployed rights, Palestine-Israel conflict, mental health, social care, HIV/AIDS, LGBT rights, youth, women’s rights, gender issues, human trafficking, minorities cultures, environmental exploitation, freedom of expression and the media, imprisonment, torture, citizen’s political participation, transparency, democracy, democracy-building, civil rights and civil rights under occupation.



To establish a sustainable and expandable platform for the exhibition and the distribution of films tackling human rights issues.

To build up Human Rights awareness among youth and students through film as a powerful medium to denounce injustice.

To spread a cinema that makes us think, awaken consciences, denounces injustice and reflects the social and cultural diversity of humanity.

To initiate debate and discussions about Human Rights issues, drawing attention to stories that are not covered by the mainstream media and developing attitudes of solidarity with their causes.

To create partnerships with other Human Rights Film Festivals, artists and activists in the Arab region and internationally to sustain the festival’s goals and impact with new and relevant materials, ideas and issues.